Professor Yasuhiko Saito (Research Adviser) Human Development Science


Demography and Gerontology

Professor Yasuhiko Saito
An Introduction to Human Development
Research on Health Expectancy
Seminar of Research on Health Expectancy
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Project of Special Research I
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Education University of Southern California,Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor, University Research Center,
Nihon University
Research Assistant Professor, Andrus Gerontology Center,
University of Southern California
"Health Expectancy in Asian Countries," Yasuhiko Saito, Xiaochun Qiao, and Sutthichai Jitapunkul, in Determining Health Expectancies, Robine, et al. (ed.), 2003, John Wiley & Sons Ltd., UK
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"Change in the Prevalence of Diseases among Older Americans: 1984-1994," Eileen M. Crimmins and Yasuhiko Saito, Demographic Research, [Online] 3, November 2000
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