Nihon University, “N.” Research Project Presents
Mini Symposium on Supramolecules

2010 CST, NU Special Lectures

Dr. Jean Weiss (Inst. Chim. Strasbourg, France)
Phenanthroline strapped porphyrins: from enzyme models to self-assembled porphyrin wires

Dr. Akiharu Satake (Tokyo U. Sci.)
Supramolecular porphyrin systems — How to construct? How to confirm?

Dr. Kosuke Sugawa (Nihon U.)
Photoelectrochemical properties of dye molecules modified on nanostructured gold electrodes

date and time:Nov. 11 Thu, 2010, 15:10-17:10

location:College of Science and Technology, Nihon University, Surugadai Bldg 2, Room 245

inquiry:CST, Nihon Univ. Joe Otsuki;

Anyone interested, come and join us. This is informal.

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