Nihon University, as a multi-disciplinary educational institution, encourages cooperation among different fields, and promotes research in a wide range of disciplines.The institution also promotes the transfer of new technologies and knowledge (resulting from research) to the industrial sector, and was leading the ranking, among all private universities in Japan, with their total number of income-generating patents in the academic year of 2019.In addition, Nihon University is highly regarded in Japan as it was ranked as the fourth among all Japanese private universities in terms of the number of researches that are granted “Grand-in-Aid for Scientific Research” (the largest research grant in Japan).*Patents were from the 2019 fiscal year, and grants-in-aid for scientific research were from the 2020 fiscal year.◉Doctoral Degrees Awarded◉Number of Faculty (full-time)◉Collection of Books◉Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (AY2020) awarded by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) 1,101 million yen (US$10.5 million)*1) as of March 25, 2020 *2) as of May 1, 2020 *3) as of April, 202012,982*1)2,645*2)5,693,233*3)◉Total Patent Royalty Income (AY1998-AY2020) 1,312 million yen (US$12.55 million)Patent ActivityInventionSubmittedPatent ApplicationsRegistered PatentsPatent RightDomestic(Active)Overseas(Active)UtilityModelRight(Active)DesignRight(Active)TotalOverseasDomestic2,2682,1229273,049780(265)299(72)8(0)27(7)as of December 31, 2020Globally Recognized Research atNihon UniversityGlobally Recognized Research atNihon UniversityRESEARCHRESEARCHUniversity-wide research for practical application of cell therapy using adipocyte-based dedifferentiation technologyInformation and communication technology for oral health care in Southeast AsiaDevelopment of new technical methods for material research and searching for new functional materials through collaboration over several different fieldsRecent Large-Scale Research ProjectsPreparation study for investigation of droplet interaction effects on the mechanism of cool flame ignition under microgravity conditions provided by a sounding rocket

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