◉◉◉Nihon University has 15 individual campuses in Tokyo and its surrounding areas. The fine facilities that each campus offers, such as libraries and sports facilities, enable students to effectively work on their current objectives and inspire them to attain the future goals. During their time here, students also have many opportunities to nurture good friendships and enjoy the precious time of campus life. Nihon University has 34 sports bodies and actively promotes and supports students’ sporting activities. There are some students who have gone on to compete in the Olympics and other world-class events. Such great athletes enhance a high reputation of Nihon University. Graduates are active in the forefront of various fields both in Japan and abroad with diverse capabilities and skills earned at Nihon University. They also take advantage of the broad network of alumni that have numbered about 1.20 million. Number of International Students by ProgramInternational Students by Country and AreaTotalGraduate SchoolUndergraduate and Junior CollegeNon-MatriculatedThere are scholarship programs offered by public and private organizations, in addition to Japanese Government Scholarships and Nihon University Scholarship of 100th Anniversary of Foundation.1,5133601,11340as of May 1, 2020Main Partner UniversitiesTotal・Peking University (CHN)・Korea University (KOR)・Nanyang Technological University (SGP)・The University of Toronto (CAN)・University of Hawaii at Manoa (USA)・Washington State University (USA)・University of Cambridge (GBR)・Aarhus University (DNK)・Stockholm University (SWE)・Free University of Berlin (DEU)・LUT University (FIN)・The University of Avignon (FRA) and many othersNumber of International Students on JapaneseGovernment (MEXT) ScholarshipScholarships for Privately-Financed International Students TotalGraduate SchoolUndergraduateNon-Matriculated7520as of May 1, 2020STUDENT LIFESTUDENT LIFEINTERNATIONALINTERNATIONALas of May 1, 2020Taiwan 2.5%(39)Vietnam 0.5%(9)Other countries4%(64)Republic of Korea9%(129)China84%(1.272)Nihon University is continuously developing dynamic collaborations with numerous overseas universities and also promoting students’ mobility through various international exchange programs.

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