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The Graduate School of International Relations aims to train researchers who can think and solve problems on a global scale, without being bound by pre-established values or methods, and to develop highly skilled experts in international communications and international aid, according to the needs of our time.
The school has both master’s and doctoral programs. In the field of international relations, the students research the various issues and situations that arise within and between the U.S., Europe, and other major regions of the world, and in the field of international culture, the students compare the various cultures of these regions in order to achieve a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and supra-regional synthesis.
As globalization keeps spreading in our world today, it is also very important to deepen regional consciousness and to preserve the cultures and traditions of each nation and region. Only by achieving a proper balance between global and regional thought can real human progress be made.
Our times cry out for individuals with both academic competence and new ideas.

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College of International Relations,
Graduate School of International Relations,
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