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  • Advanced Legal Studies

The forerunner of Nihon University’s, Nihon Law School, was founded in 1889 by Akiyoshi Yamada, Japan’s first Minister of Justice and one of the main contributors to the modernization of Japan. In the 115 years since then, the school has kept producing first-rate lawyers.
At the Law School, we keep our founder’s spirit strong, while adapting to the continuing globalization of society and utilizing the academic breadth of Japan’s largest comprehensive university to foster jurists who will contribute to the prosperity of our nation.
To meet the needs of today’s society, students must of course have broad personalities and a high level of cultivation and determination, but in order to give them that little extra experience, one feature of our school is to let our students acquire practical knowledge in fields like medicine, environmental studies, information, intellectual property, economy and law, etc. — fields where Nihon University researchers are producing cutting-edge results. In medicine, for instance, the students take part in practical frontline research in collaboration with our colleges of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy, while in environmental studies, the collaboration is with the colleges of Bioresource Sciences, Engineering, Science and Technology, and Industrial Engineering. The intellectual resource jurisdiction program receives full backup from the Nihon University Business, Research and Intellectual Property Center (NUBIC), while the corporate law program collaborates with our Graduate School of Business.

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Law School (Professional Course)

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