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The College of Commerce is a comprehensive research and education facility that consists of three departments: Commerce, Business Administration, and Accounting. In addition to the basic classes in each department, the curriculum uses a “course system” in which students can freely combine subjects from seven different areas to suit their own needs and interests in order to obtain specialized and practical knowledge in a more exciting and efficient way. We also offer a wide spectrum of courses not directly related to the major subjects, for a broad and varied education. In accordance with our emphasis on practical learning, in 2002 we introduced an internship system that allows students to hone their professional skills in a real working environment at various companies.
Aside from our main curriculum, we also give our students the opportunity to obtain 15 different certifications and licenses while still at our campus normally only obtainable through special schools.
The College of Commerce aims to produce talented people who will lead the world of business in the 21st century and contribute to society as a whole.

Access and Contact
College of Commerce,
Graduate School of Business Administration

5-2-1, Kinuta, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 157-8570

  • Odakyu Line From Shinjuku Station; Get off at Soshigaya-Okura Station (25 min. by Local); 12 min. on foot
  • Odakyu Line From Shinjuku Station; Get off at Seijo-Gakuen Mae Station (20 min. by Express/Semi Express); Take Tokyu Bus or Odakyu Bus to ; Nichi Dai Shogakubu Mae bus stop
    ※ The Rapid Express train does not stop at Seijo-Gakuen Mae Station.