Immigration and Visa

For persons not possessing Japanese nationality, a Japanese status of residence (visa) is required for residence in Japan. For applicants whose principal activity is research or study at universities, the required status of residence or visa status is “College Student.”
The necessary procedures to be completed before entering Japan are detailed below. After receiving a pass notice, please complete the procedures quickly and enter Japan by the last day of March at the latest

Announcement of Successful Applicants and Admission Procedures
Pay the designated amount to the College or Graduate School into which you have been accepted, and receive a certificate of admission.

Application for Certificate of Eligibility
Request a proxy application for a certificate of eligibility from the College or Graduate School into which you have been accepted. At this time, please submit the necessary documents for the proxy application to the relevant College or Graduate School.
When the certificate of eligibility has been issued, the certificate will be sent to you by the College or Graduate School conducting the proxy application.

For a list of documents required when applying for certificate of eligibility, please refer to the following website (Immigration Bureau website):

- The necessary documents for completing a proxy application may vary according to the applicant’s nationality and other factors.
- It generally requires about one or two months from applying for the status of residence to its issuance, so please complete the application procedures as quickly as possible upon receiving a pass notice.
Successful candidates who possess a valid status of residence should proceed directly to the Immigration Bureau in Japan, and conduct an application for change of status of residence or an application for authorization of change of status of residence. In this case, the University shall not conduct a proxy application.

Visa Application
In addition to obtaining a certificate of eligibility, please prepare the necessary documents and apply for a College Student visa at your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate general.
The required documents for applying for a visa and the number of days required until issuance may vary from country to country. For details, please consult your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate general.

Issuance of Visa, Coming to Japan
After receiving the issued visa, please make your way to Japan.

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  1. When you visit Japan to sit the entrance examination, a visa is not normally required if you are staying only for a short period. However, when visiting Japan from certain countries, it may be necessary to apply for a visa even for a short visit. Please consult your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate general for details.
  2. Acquiring a visa is the applicant’s own responsibility. In the event you cannot obtain a visa and are therefore unable to enter Japan, any application forms submitted and expenses already paid to the University shall not be refunded.