Introduction of Faculty Members
(Risk Management Research Institute Staff)

Our experienced risk management team are experts in disasters and international terrorism risk management field.

Our research professors have the ability to challenge a wide variety of emergency situations. In addition, we have practitioner experts familiar with on-the-scene-emergency situations. These professors with specialised expertise will be in charge of each specific subject.

Message from Teachers

In order to become a "risk management expert", friendly and well experienced teachers in a variety of research areas and practical fields will be instructing and guiding you.

FUKUDA Mitsuru
FUKUDA MitsuruProfessor

Provide fully comprehensive training to garner the skills to be able to respond properly to a diverse range of emergency situations from both the "risk" and "crisis" aspects.

When I was studying media at graduate school, I was very aware that Japan did not have the sufficient risk management system in place at the time of the 1995 Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake and the subway sarin case.
The media provides the important role of providing disaster information in order to potentially save lives. We have now begun research activities focusing on "disaster measures and the media." After starting my position at the Nihon University Law School, I have also promoted research in the field of counter-terrorism and intelligence in the United States of America as a visiting researcher at the Columbia University. Risk management can be applied to all aspects regarding natural disasters, accidents such as nuclear power, terrorism and other conflicts, so I view media communication and risk communication in various emergencies and disasters from the viewpoint of "All Hazard Approach". Although it is not clearly distinguished in Japan, in risk management there are two sides, the first being "Risk Management" before the emergency occurrence and the second, "Risk Management" after an outbreak. We will do our best to support risk management ability from both sides. for every student who studies in this department,

Graduated from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences Doctoral course. Risk management is his specialised field as well as risk communication. He is an ongoing member of the Cabinet Secretariat Committee as well as a visiting researcher at the Columbia University War and Peace Research Institute. Members of the Japan Mass Communication Association, member of the National Police Policy Association, etc. His books include "Media and Terrorism" (Shintyo Shinsho), "Terrorism and Intelligence-The Dilemma of the Conquering American States" (Keio University Press), and "Risk Communication and Media" (Hokujyu Press). Professor, Graduate School of Newspapers, Nihon University (Political Science).
ANDO Takayo
ANDO TakayoProfessor

Risk Management Issues and Solutions from the Perspective of International Law.

The area of my specialization is international law, and I focused on "regulations against international terrorism" in particular. The treaty to punish terrorists is gradually taking ground, we will study how an established legal system that gives no “refuge” to terrorism. In recent news, perhaps have you often heard the phrase "resolve according to international law"? "International law" is a subject that combines the two subjects, "Corporate Education" and "Risk Management Education". International law regulates and solves international problems related to risk management, such as international security, disputes over territories and oceans, protection of individuals such as refugees, countering terrorism and piracy, environmental protection and disaster countermeasures. We will learn through concrete examples how it is done. I hope you realize the significance and attractiveness of ordered international law in today's international society full of various risks with your intellectual curiosity. I believe there is an increase in the need of both civil and private enterprises risk management from a point of view unique to women. Our admission welcomes many female students.

Graduated from the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Liberal Arts, The University of Tokyo.
Graduated from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Department of International Social Science, Graduated from Doctoral Program, specialty is international law. Research focuses on personal punishment for international crimes.
She participated in the International Criminal Court (ICC) Preparatory Committee and the Conference of the Parties held at the United Nations Headquarters in 2002 as a representative of the Japanese government, three years fixed term staff at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Doctorate PhD (international relations).
KINOSHITA SeiyaProfessor

Provide the practical knowledge and planning skills for disaster management.

Based on actual experience and policy-making skills in infrastructure development and disaster prevention, I give lectures for practical disaster management practices. Knowledge about laws gained from books is not the only thing that matters at the time of crisis. Of particular importance is to come up with ideas and put them into action, standing on the frontline. Since the consensus-building approach is also important, presentation and communication skills training will be provided.

Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering, Civil Engineering Department and got Master's degree in Civil Engineering. He entered the Ministry of Construction (now Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism), and served as Director of International Division and Water Resources Planning Division, Deputy Director General of the Okinawa General Secretariat, Cabinet Office, and Director General of the Kinki Regional Development Bureau. Doctor of Engineering.
KANAYAMA TaisukeProfessor

Based on my previous experience working in the police force , my goal is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to develop them to career ready status.

I lecture on subjects such as "Police Policy", "Criminal Investigation", "Criminal Policy", etc., based on my career experience in risk management. In addition to multi-faceted perspectives, communication skills, and information literacy, it is important to have the mind and body that can withstand a strict and severe working environment. It is also very important that you work on your studies seriously and do not forget to practice the well being of your mind and body on a daily basis. Let's achieve the best in both “bunbu”(literal and military arts)

After graduating from the law department at the University of Tokyo, he worked for the Japanese Embassy in Thailand, the Cabinet Secretariat, etc. and served as the director of the police headquarters in Yamanashi, Tochigi and Saitama prefectures. As a visiting professor at Hitotsubashi University and visiting researcher at Harvard University, he is also engaged in the research and education in police policies, etc.
TAKAYA Shigeru
TAKAYA ShigeruProfessor

Acquire practical knowledge necessary for the practice of immigration administration.

Based on my experience in immigration administration in the Ministry of Justice, I would like to give lectures useful for risk management practices. If you learn about past risk management, you can also respond appropriately to future relevant situations. We have prepared a wide variety of educational subjects to obtain the vast range of knowledge necessary for risk management.

Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan University, Department of Physics, Department of Law and Law. Graduated from the Graduate School of Social Sciences, Graduate School of Basic Law. Acquisition and withdrawal of doctoral course credits. Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Justice. He has served as a director of the Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice.