About the Laboratory

Since the catastrophe of the 1995 Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake and the subway sarin case, the word/concept of "risk management" has become widely recognized. Society is constantly under threat of large-scale disasters, crimes, terrorism and security threats. The word "unexpected" has been issued by people who manage and control the disaster of the nuclear power plant accident associated with the Great East Japan Earthquake (2011). Therefore, in the modern society where the crisis are diverse and involve crisis such as war, disaster, crime, terrorism, cyber-attack and information outflow and for the purpose of nurturing human resources who can think of risk management independently by eliminating unexpected events , the Nihon University Risk Management Department was formed in April 2016 and in December of 2016, the Risk Management Research Institute was established as a research institution that researches a large variety of risks. As a research institute, in order to deepen risk management science, a new academic field, we will be publishing in the journal "Risk Management Science Research" launched in March 2005, which focuses on the research results of the institute members. We will continue to communicate the importance of Risk management to a wide audience through symposium and other various methods.

  • December 2016Attached Risk Management Research Institute to Risk Management Faculty of Nihon University

Message from the Dean

FUKUDA YasuoDean, Risk Management Professor

his institute was first created in Japan at the Nihon University Risk Management Department, which aims to study the risk management science with a social science-based law-based approach. It is very important to note the importance of risk management in modern society is increasing. Piled up is the stack of issues that currently need to be resolved, and the target area is ever expanding day by day. The “risks” we face are extremely extensive, with a range from those that can be dealt with at the individual level, up to those that require action from the enterprise, group and national and local public level and it is continuously evolving and changing. The organized by experts who have experienced various researches and abundant practices from the Risk Management Research Institute, develop and undergo leading-edge discussions regarding Risk Management research in Japan. We will continue these research activities and contribute to the cause based on the results and analysis of the research.