Educational Goals

We develop each person's individual expertise whilst thoroughly learning all key areas. From the second year viewpoint of "administrative career" and "corporate career" with awareness of future courses, you will choose from the following four major key areas according to interests.
A four-year learning flow will be prepared that will gradually deepen your expertise and knowledge depending on each students' interests and abilities.

Disaster Management Area
Learn about a variety of disaster measures including that of natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis as well as a variety of large-scale accidents such as nuclear power plant accidents and railway accidents. Also learn about evacuation, emergency, rescue activities, restoration and reconstruction procedures in case of disaster.
Public Security Area
Gain comprehensive knowledge of justice systems and a variety of administrative organizations such as criminal investigations and criminal policies that are necessary to ensure public safety from a variety of crimes and terrorism that can occur within society.
Global Security Area
Learn about issues regarding the environment, refugees, human rights, and other issues that require collective international efforts from wars, conflicts, and political other risks such as international terrorism.
Information Security Area
Acquire knowledge of information leakage issues, information management, cyber security, on the internet, as well as regarding computers, smartphones and other information devices and all relevant networks.


Internships will be conducted in collaboration with a variety of local government authorities, companies, we well as people with practical experience in accordance with administrative and corporate careers. We plan to host a variety of major security companies, risk management consultants, cyber security companies and overseas safety consultants.

Estimated Courses

There is an increasing need for risk management experts in varying areas of today's society. A wide variety of future career perspectives are possible, for example, officials of ministries and local government officials that are involved in disaster prevention and security fields. Public transport areas where advanced security management is required, various security related companies that provide security and relevant company personnel involved in information security, etc.

The potential career paths are diverse, ranging from civil servants to general companies.

The following are some potential job openings for newly graduates majoring in human risk management science.

Government Officials
Ministries such as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Meteorological Agency concerned with the safety of global life. Police departments and the Ministry of Justice which helps to protect lives and property of civilians.
Local Government Employee
Police force, fire department staff, head of department that is involved in disaster prevention and risk management within the local government.
General Companies
Positions in charge of preventing Information leakage, quality and safety management, compliance (compliance with laws and regulations to protect the corporate trust), and CSR (Corporate social contribution and social responsibility activities) in a wide range of private companies such as financial institutions, trading companies, manufactures and media. Additionally,transportation companies(railways and aviation companies), public lifeline companies (electricity, gas and water suppliers),service industries (insurance company, travel agencies), public interest companies (schools and hospitals),security industries (air navigation and security companies)