Specialized Subject

Practical Training Subjects Introduction to Competitive Sports I-IV ⁄ Coaching and Teaching I-VI ⁄ Competition Applied Competitive Sports I-IV ⁄ Competitive Sports Camping I-VI
Foundation Subjects Fundamentals of Competitive Sports ⁄ Fundamentals of Coaching / Fundamentals of Sports Training ⁄ Fundamentals of Sport Movement and Behavior / Sports law and Ethics ⁄ Introduction to history of Modern Sport ⁄ Introduction to Sport Physiology ⁄ Introduction to Sport Medicine ⁄ Functional Anatomy ⁄ Introduction to Sport Nutrition ⁄ Introduction to Sport Psychology ⁄ Introduction to Biomechanics ⁄ Applied Nutrition for Sports Performance ⁄ Introduction to Sport Sociology
Course-Wide Subjects Research Study in Coaching ⁄ Competitive sports theory ⁄ Sports Biochemistry ⁄ Sports Mental Health Management ⁄ Training Planning Theory ⁄ Emergency Measures ⁄ Adapted Sport Science ⁄ Applied Sport Physiology ⁄ Applied Sport Sociology ⁄ Applied Sport Movement and Behavior ⁄ Applied Sports Mental Health Management ⁄ Applied Training Planning Theory ⁄ Talent Identification and Development ⁄ Applied Sport Nutrition ⁄ Applied Biomechanics ⁄ Applied Coaching ⁄ Applied Sport Medicine ⁄ Applied Adapted Sport Science ⁄ Introduction to Anti-Doping ⁄ Sports and Media ⁄ Introduction to Spectator Sport I-IV ⁄ Coaching in Competitive Sports I-VI ⁄ Athlete Career Programme I II ⁄ Internship Program I- IV
Athlete Course Subjects Fundamentals of Motor Skill Training ⁄ Fundamentals of Physical Training ⁄ Fundamentals of Sports Strategy ⁄ Introduction to Individual Sports ⁄ Introduction to Ball Sport ⁄ Introduction to Budo ⁄ Introduction to Winter Sports ⁄ Applied Motor Skill Training ⁄ Applied Physical Training ⁄ Applied Sports Strategy ⁄ Applied Individual Sports ⁄ Applied Ball Sports ⁄ Applied Budo ⁄ Applled Winter Sports
Sports Support Course Subjects Sport Policy and Politics ⁄ Managing Sports Organizations ⁄ Athletic Rehabilitation ⁄ Research Methods ⁄ Team Management of Sport ⁄ Applied Sports Massage⁄ Applied Athletic Rehabilitation ⁄ Nutrition for Sport ⁄ Research Design and Planning ⁄ Applied Team Management of Sport ⁄ Applied Sport management I-IV
Seminar ⁄ Graduation Research ⁄ Graduation thesis Seminar I II ⁄ Graduation Research ⁄ Graduation Thesis