Mr. S. Kishimoto was awarded the Best Paper Presentation Award from The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan on 12 Sep. 2013.

The awarded presentation is "Analysis of Nanoscale Electromagnetic Problems by PMCHWT" which is reported at the 41th Electromagnetic Theory Symposium.

Recently, analysis of nanoscale electromagnetic problems is important for designing plasmonic devices. In this study, a novel computational technique is proposed for electromagnetic problems in nanoscale. The proposed method has some advantages: (1) the computational error can be fully controlled, (2) arbitrary time increments can be selected, and (3) high parallel efficiency can be obtained. Compared with the conventional method, he validates availability of proposed method. The proposed method can be successfully applied to designing plasmonic nano antennas for ultra-fast and high-density recording systems.

This work was partly supported by Nihon University Strategic Projects for Academic Research.