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  • Correlative Study of Physics and Chemistry

Research is progressing at the Graduate School of Integrated Basic Sciences thanks to the establishment of its High-Tech Research Center, which integrates and concentrates research on advanced materials and, while promoting interdisciplinary information exchange, searches for new directions in fields related to materials science. Materials science plays a big role in the world of basic science, and much is expected from it in terms of solutions to energy and environmental problems. For this reason, Nihon University’s Graduate School of Integrated Basic Sciences promotes highly original and unique research based on materials science. Thus high hopes are placed on the development and results of Nihon University’s new distinctive research style which strategically puts personnel and funds into such projects, For example, there is the development of new high-performance materials that function under extreme conditions, development and evaluation of new energy materials like fuel cells and solar cells, development of new biomaterials using materials science methods, and shedding light on global environmental change by looking at the Earth as a material circulation system and using analytical methods from materials science. It is extremely important for both graduate and undergraduate students in the natural sciences to become familiar with cutting-edge research equipment, and at our Center students have the opportunity to participate in real research projects to get a feel for the latest research methods and the current flow of research.

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