Distance Learning Division


The Nihon University Distance Learning Division was founded in November 1948 and at present consists of the College of Law (Departments of Law and of Political Science and Economics), the College of Humanities and Sciences (Department of Japanese Literature, English Literature, Philosophy and History), the College of Economics (Department of Economics), and the College of Commerce (Department of Commerce). It is intended for all students interested in college education whose family or employment circumstances make it difficult for them to attend a regular university, but who wish to expand their knowledge or acquire a teaching certificate. The present student body is made up of people of all ages and occupations from all parts of Japan. This diversity leads to the development of extremely rewarding interpersonal relationships.

Admission to the Distance Learning Division is according to a screening process. In order to obtain a bachelor’s degree, all students are required to acquire at least 124 credits, which include schooling (classroom) credits. The students of the College of Humanities and Sciences are required to submit a graduation thesis and pass a comprehensive oral examination. Various schooling sessions are offered, including a Daytime Schooling session, Spring and Fall Evening Schooling sessions, a Summer Schooling session, a Regional Schooling session and a Regular Year Schooling session. Each student selects the schooling that suits his or her particular circumstances. The minimum number of schooling credits required are: 30 for those who have spent four years in the Division; 22 for those who have spent three years in the Division since their sophomore year; and 15 for those who have spent two years in the Division since their junior year.
Academic instruction in the Distance Learning Division is provided by mail and includes the return of corrected reports as well as written guidance on the graduation thesis. The Division also operates academic counseling centers, which are open daily, where individualized instruction is given to students who need consultation about their studies. Students who enter as regular students and complete the teachers’ training course can obtain a teaching certificate; graduates of other universities who wish to obtain a teaching certificate can enter as auditors. The course for auditors, based on the provisions of the Teaching Certificate Act, enables students to acquire the credits they need to obtain a teaching certificate. Students who have taken the classes necessary in the Distance Learning Division qualify for licenses as first- and second level junior high school teachers in social studies, Japanese or English, or as first-level high school teachers of geography and history, civics, Japanese, English or commerce. The Division has other study programs for those who wish to study only the subjects of their choice.

In order to encourage closer contacts and joint study projects with students elsewhere in the country, the Division has organized student groups in every prefecture of Japan. To promote intellectual development and friendship among students, these groups hold regularly scheduled meetings, special study sessions, and prefectural meetings. In addition, study centers have been set up at 18 locations throughout Japan. They serve as contact points and as places where students can write reports or work on joint projects, or where they can go to freely discuss any concerns they might have about their studies.

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Distance Learning Division

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