President's Message


President of Nihon University
President of Nihon University Junior College
Naoto Kato

The educational philosophy of Nihon University centers around "cultivating the spirit of independence and creativity", in the belief that students should think critically, learn for themselves, and be empowered to forge their own paths. Nihon University's educational goal is to develop leaders with creativity who are able to independently and proactively guide organizations. Supporting students' independent activities has been at the core of the university since its inception, and this continues to be the case to this day. For example, at the annual Student “FD CHAmmiT” meeting, students, faculty and staff come together to discuss important issues, such as how to improve the quality of classes, in order to attain an even higher level of academic excellence. Furthermore, the College of Humanities and Sciences offers classes that are designed by the students themselves. This “student-first” and “student-centered” approach serves as the basis for all education at Nihon University. In addition, our institution is committed to the internationalization of education and has established academic exchange agreements with 129 universities across 33 countries and 1 region around the world (as of July 2020), with a significant portion of students choosing to take part in study abroad programs. We have even built a dormitory in partnership with the University of Cambridge, for joint use at the University of Cambridge’s Pembroke College, and are in the midst of building a new campus in Newcastle, Australia. This campus, along with the University of Cambridge, will be the centers of our global education programs in the years to come. Student-centered education and the "internationalization" of our campus are among our most valued goals, and we will continue to build towards these goals going forward.

Student Support

Known as "Nihon University for Employment", our institution is one of the leading universities in Japan in terms of placing graduates in civil servant positions, including roles at local and national government bodies, as well as teaching positions at high schools and junior high schools. We are also among Japan's leading universities in terms of the number of distinguished graduates, including those who pass extremely challenging examinations and acquire highly sought-after qualifications, such as first-class registered architects. Many graduates and postgraduates are employed by leading companies and organizations, and are active in a range of fields, embodying the spirit of "independence and creativity". Our faculty and staff continuously support students as they pursue the future paths they desire, whilst making the most of our institution’s stellar reputation. We also offer several scholarships to support students facing financial hardships, and have established a student dormitory (currently eight buildings) for students mainly from outside the Kanto region. In addition, we have established a Student Support Center and each college has a dedicated Student Support Office, to enables us to better respond to the needs of our students. “Students-first”, the university's mission statement, is reflected in this comprehensive support for students, and we will continue to stay true to this mission.

Leveraging Our Collective Strengths

As one of the most distinguished integrated universities in Japan, we are fortunate to have 16 colleges with 87 departments, 19 graduate schools (including professional graduate schools), and 38 institutes and research centers (at headquarters and colleges). In recent years, the concept of "Integrating Arts and Sciences" has become more prominent in the fields of education and research, and Nihon University is a strong example of this, with leading researchers forging ahead in a wide range of fields, from medicine to the arts. We continue to work diligently as we strive to become the global leader in education and research. The University's dedicated IP department advises and assists with research results; as such, we have reached a leading position among Japan’s universities in terms of both patent applications and patent-related revenues (in fiscal year 2017, Nihon University ranked sixth among all universities, and first among private universities, in terms of revenues from patent enforcement, etc.). Building upon this achievement, our university will continue to strive to develop cutting-edge, leading education and research for years to come.