President's Message

Nihon University, the origin of which was the Nihon Law School established in 1889, is one of the largest universities in Japan, currently consisting of 86 departments in 16 Colleges and Schools, a Distance Learning Division and Junior College. 

Nihon University is cultivating human resources with the “Nihon University Mindset”, people who will have acquired the abilities to “learn for themselves” , “think by themselves” , and “be empowered to forge their own paths” , which are the three components of our educational philosophy of “independent creativity”. The “Nihon University Mindset” is “an ability to understand the characteristics of Japan and translate them”, “an ability to accept diverse values and acknowledge one’s own position and roles” and “an attitude to contribute to society”.
In promoting education based on the tradition and the spirit of independent creativity, the core concepts are respect of the individual in education and learning and the creation of a sense of unity as an integrated university. We will therefore provide multifaceted “tailor-made support” by enriching guidance tailored to the individuality  of each student and promoting visualization of their learning results with ICT. We will also improve the quality of education and research at each college and department by providing leeway for students, faculty members and staff to execute the spirit of independent creativity. Moreover, as we promote the competition and cooperation between colleges and schools while maintaining the independence of these, we expect the enhancement of our education and research levels.

We will also promote cross-cutting and interdisciplinary education and research across the colleges and schools beyond conventional frameworks. Recently “comprehensive knowledge” is demanded in society and this is where we are at our strongest with our rich human resources. With regard to acquiring qualifications and licenses, we will also provide students with university-wide support. In addition, club and circle activities, and other extra-curricular student activities including competitive sports will be supported as one of our educational activities. 

Unfortunately our international exchange programs have been inactive for these past few years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we are resuming the exchange programs where possible, albeit gradually, starting with student exchange programs organized by the Central Administration Office from this academic year. 

Nihon University has promoted international exchanges with universities and institutions all over the world in the U.S., U.K., Canada, China, South Korea, and other nations, and through this network we have provided students with opportunities to engage in international exchanges such as exchange programs and overseas training programs. We have partnerships with 127 universities and institutions in 33 countries and one region to offer students learning opportunities. As of the academic year 2020, 1,112 overseas students at colleges and 360 overseas students at graduate schools are studying respectively at Nihon University. If you would like to know more about us, please visit our English website.

Takeo Sakai
Nihon University