Matriculated Course

You are supposed to pass the entrance examination in order to be enrolled in the Matriculated Course at Nihon University. The examination is conducted in line with the schedule shown below. Please be reminded that you download the Admission Guide to Nihon University for International Students on the Internet and complete the submission of the application documents and the payment of the examination fee.

By the previous summer Select the college or graduate school you wish to enter
From the previous summer to autumn Obtain the Admission Guide. Confirm the entrance examination schedule. Contact the academic supervisor (Graduate School applicant).
From the previous autumn to winter Submit the application. Take the entrance examination. Receive the announcement of your test results. Follow the procedure for enrollment.
In the previous winter Follow the immigration procedure (application for residence status, application for student visa).
In April Enrollment
(NOTES)Note: For further information, read the Admission Guide.

Japanese is the main language used in lectures and research activities at Nihon University. International students enrolled at Nihon University are required to have four Japanese language skills (reading, writing, speaking, and hearing). Japanese language ability is assessed in some of the entrance examinations for Nihon University.
Generally, Level N1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test is required to understand lectures at a Japanese university and to lead a social life.

Admission Guide to Nihon Univerisity (Japanese only)

This Admission Guide provides information regarding registration procedures that applies across the board to all of the Colleges, Graduate Schools, and Junior Colleges, as well as detailed information that applies to each individual College, Graduate School, or Junior College.

Carefully read the information that applies across the board as well as the detailed information that is relevant to the College, Graduate School, or Junior College that you plan to apply to, and correctly follow the application procedures.


Link to download page of the Admission Guide for International Students (Japanese only)


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