Our Goal is to Cultivate Human Resources to Meet the Needs of Society

Our department strives to both train student-athletes to compete in various sports and produce coaches and other staff to support them in a wide range of activities related to sports throughout society.



New Campus with the Latest Facilities

The Sangenjaya campus is designed with three concepts in mind: to be open to the community, to coexist, and to be people-friendly. We have various physical education facilities such as a sports hall, a swimming pool, and a Hypoxic training room.



The Research Institute of Sports Sciences was founded to contribute to the expansion and development of the sports sciences.

The goals of the institute are to contribute to the teaching and research of the sports sciences by conducting interdisciplinary and integrated research based on coaching science and other fields related to the sciences, as well as to contributing to society through academic achievements.


Message from the Dean

KOYAMA YuzoDean of the Faculty of Sports SciencesProfessor

The goal of the Faculty of Sports Sciences is to foster three types of human resources: top athletes who will improve their own abilities, sports coaches who help to improve the abilities of athletes based on their own experiences and knowledge, and researchers who conduct sports research from a wide range of perspectives. Another goal of the four-year curriculum is to have all three of the forementioned improve their ability as reflective practitioners, who can accurately find and analyze issues behind happenings in the world today, establish solutions to the issues, and improve themselves in the process.
After the second year of study, students have a choice of two courses: an Athlete Course and a Sports Support Course. Integral to both courses is the idea of fostering reflective practitioners. In the end, the mission of our faculty is to make contributions to the development of sports throughout Nihon University and Japan.

Message from Professors

  • KITADA Noriko

    I would like to create an environment of mutual education between faculty and students.

  • NISHIKAWA Daisuke

    I hope you strive to face yourself.

  • HOTEYA Kou

    Understanding sports medicine improves performance.

  • MORINAGA Masaki

    We have well-balanced courses in an ideal environment.

  • UENO Kouji
    UENO KoujiProfessor

    What is required to reach your goal is the spirit of independent creativity.