New campus with the latest facilities.

The Sangenjaya campus is designed with three concepts in mind: open to the community, coexistence, and people-friendly. There are two buildings on our campus. Building No.1 has classrooms, an office, a cafeteria, and physical education facilities such as a main sports hall, a gymnasium, a judo dojo, a kendo dojo, a sumo hall, a swimming pool, and a training room. Building No.2 is located across the road from Building No.1 and has a library as well as learning commons. Our campus also has various equipment in case of natural disasters.

  • Building No.1 of Sangenjaya campus
  • Building No.1 of Sangenjaya campus
  • Building No.2 of Sangenjaya campus
  • Sangenjaya campus

Additional Information on Our Facilities

  • Playing Field
    (Inagi City, Tokyo)

    The campus playing field is in Inagi City, Tokyo, and has an athletics track that surrounds a synthetic turf soccer field.

  • Hypoxic training room
    (Sangenjaya campus)

    The hypoxic training room is the latest facility which generates a state of lower oxygen concentration, allowing students to train and experiment in circumstances similar to an altitude of approximately 1,000 to 5,000 meters.

  • Resistance pool
    (Sangenjaya campus)

    The resistance pool allows students to swim against a generated current with higher resistance.