College of Engineering



  • Civil Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Chemical Biology and Applied Chemistry
  • Computer Science

The three objectives of the College of Engineering are to”nurture a strong sense of humanism,” stimulate originality and creativity, and carry out education that is open to both regional concerns and to increasing internationalization. For this purpose, a curriculum adapted to internationalization, information processing and technological variety has been adopted, and all our departments have a course in International Engineering. This is especially directed towards those students who have set their sights on an internationally valid PE (Professional Engineer) qualification, and corresponds to the contents of the FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) examination, which is the first step towards PE qualification. In the research area, in April 2001 our Worldwide Research Center for Advanced Engineering & Technology was established. This center, which straddles the border between engineering and medicine, has been founded in collaboration with other universities and local companies and hospitals in order to develop various kinds of new medical equipment. For this purpose, it has been equipped with facilities for cellular diagnosis, genetic analysis, molecular research etc., and also, for the first time in an engineering college in Japan, with medical research facilities like an animal experiment laboratory and an X-ray/CT scan room. Furthermore, in April 2002, our Cooperative Research Center for Environmental Preservation and Ecological Life Cycles was launched for a project to research environment evaluation and protection, and information technology for education, public information, crisis management and support for living in harmony with nature. In line with this program, windmills and solar panels have been installed on the campus to supply this center with electrical power.

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College of Engineering
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