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The current trend in dentistry is that “dentistry concerns not only the oral cavity – it is necessary to learn about the connections with the whole body.” This principle of Medico-Dental Education has in fact been the policy of the School of Dentistry ever since its foundation. A 21st century dentist not only has to keep up with the progress in dental technology, but must also be a medical practitioner who is aware of changing attitudes towards disease and can contribute to society at large. Consequently, our tutorials include the humanities, basic bio-medicine, research projects as well as clinical dentistry, increasing the opportunities for self-development, the motivation for study and the ability for problem-solving. This general education during the first four years serves to form the student’s character as a dedicated medical practitioner, and in order to further increase the understanding of patient-oriented dental care, we now also offer field- and disease-oriented classes in integrated life science and oral science, in addition to the traditional classes for each dental specialty. The whole curriculum covers six years of study, and is designed to produce dentists that are both caring and highly skilled.

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