Nihon University’s Guidelines on Support for Students with Disabilities

Established on April 1, 2019

 Pursuant to the Nihon University’s Basic Policy on Support for Students with Disabilities, Nihon University will not discriminate based on disability against any student, pupil, child or applicant, and will aim to provide to the maximum possible extent support up until graduation in order that they may study with students without disabilities on an equal basis.

Basic stance

 All the faculty and staff members will positively approach the elimination of discrimination based on disability, and provide support so that both students with and without disabilities can learn together. Furthermore, the cooperation of students is vital to effective support for students with disabilities. The University will create a system in which students without disabilities can play their part in this support positively and without undue strain.

Contents of support

 here is a degree of difference in the types of support each can offer. However, the University will aim to provide the same level of support to the greatest extent possible.

1. Consultation prior to applications for entrance examinations

 If, due to any physical or mental disabilities there may be obstructions to the normal taking of examinations or studies after admission to the University, please consult with the Admissions Staff of the Academic Affairs section of the relevant college or school prior to making any entrance examination applications. Through meticulous discussion between the three parties of the person in question, their parents or guardians and the University, the details of matters to be considered when taking examinations and classes after admission will be confirmed. In some case it may be difficult to provide the support hoped for due to the particular campus environment of the college(s) or school(s) in question, but the University will do its utmost to remove any barriers to accepting students.

2. Support after admission

 A Student Support Section has been established in each college and school to serve as contact points for the support of students with disabilities. Through the Student Support Section dialog will be held between faculty, the Academic Affairs Division, Student Affairs Division, Nurse’s Office, Placement Service Section, etc., and specific support will be decided upon.

Interviews upon admission
Once a student’s admission has been decided upon, interviews with the student in question and their parents or guardians will be held at an early stage, and the details of the requisite support reconfirmed.
Regular consultation
Regular consultations with students with disabilities will be held, and checks made about whether or not the support provided is appropriate. In addition, Student Consultation Service Counters provided so that students can discuss with ease any anxieties they may have regarding their studies and student life at the University.
Tuition support
Although the circumstances vary from one college/school and course to another, the University will strive to implement the following support to the greatest possible extent.
Visual disabilities
Learning materials in large print, translation into braille of learning materials, face-to-face reading aloud, etc.
Hearing disabilities
Written communication, speech-to-text interpreting, sign language, etc.
Physical disabilities
Mobility assistance, speech-to-text interpreting, etc.
Developmental disorders, poor health and weak constitutions
Individual responses will be made to those suffering from any of the above
Support for examinations
Although the campus environment varies from one college/school and course to another, the University will strive to implement the following support to the greatest extent possible. Creation of questions in alternative accessible formats, use of supportive equipment, extension of time permitted to complete examinations, switching of examination rooms to separate rooms, alternative evaluations through submission of reports, etc.
Job placement support
By consulting with the Student Support Section it will be possible to receive support in collaboration with the Placement Service Section.
Campus life support
In order that students with disabilities can participate in activities other than tuition and examinations, support will be provided to the greatest extent possible according to the nature of disabilities.

Facility and equipment support

 The University will aim to create an environment in which students can learn together regardless of ability or disability, and will strive to equip campuses appropriately.

Education for faculty/staff members and students

 The University will conduct educational activities, including lectures and study groups, in order that faculty/staff members and students gain a correct understanding of the elimination of discrimination based on disability and enthusiastically involve themselves in the support of students with disabilities, with the aim of being a university open to all people.

Disclosure of information

 Information on the state of enrollments of students with disabilities at the University, and methods for supporting students with disabilities will be made public on the University’s websites, etc.

Regarding support at Attached Schools (the senior high schools, junior high schools and elementary school attached to the University)

 Support at each school will be decided upon according to the basic stance of these guidelines and content of support.